Friendly & Motivating Personal Trainer
& Sports Massage Therapist


Leah, Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist in London

Leah comes from a lifetime of being active and exploring fitness in all different facets of life. Having played hockey, rugby, netball, and competed in athletics from a young age her love of movement is ingrained. As well as being a personal trainer and sports massage therapist, she has worked as a movement coach all over Europe with many different theatre companies.

What do you love about your job?

I get to meet so many different individuals and hear the stories behind them wanting to make fitness a part of their lives; it’s humbling to be able to be involved in their efforts to ensure his or her body is strong and healthy. I also can’t express the importance of the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. With the stresses of modern life rife in the world, to be able to help someone get some space from the daily grind in their decision to spend time on themselves is a really exciting thing.

What is your greatest motivation?

Anyone making the effort to stay healthy and fit. It can be scary to make the decision to change your body and mindset. It’s so easy for humans to be lazy or take easy options, but having the ability to become uncomfortable for the long-term benefits is so important.

Hobbies & Interests?

I love dogs! So being outside with the many dogs in my life and going on long walks is one of my favorite past times. I also worked as a dancer in the past going on tour with bands and still love a good boogie! You can always catch me at a gig or club night. Shakespeare is another passion of mine (I always have the complete works next to my bed) so the theatre is a regular occurrence for me. I try to go at least a couple of times a month.


Experience & Qualifications


  • – Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • – Experience in Movement and Dance
  • – Experience in multiple sports including hockey, rugby, netball & athletics
  • – Qualified Sports Massage Therapist