Without Drastic Upheaval to Your Life

Our programs are designed to be flexible and naturally become a part of your routine. All it takes is as little as 3 hours a
week to achieve exceptional results. So, no matter how often you travel, how hectic your job is, or the demands of your
family, we find the ideal balance to suit your lifestyle. After all, health and wellness should fit into your life – not disrupt it.

A Comprehensive Approach for Rapid, Lasting Fat Loss

Our team of experts work with you to ensure you are following a tailor made plan to deliver rapid lasting fat loss results. A team of coaches, including a qualified nutritionist will advise you on your nutritional plan and oversee your results every few weeks, and an expert strength and conditioning coach will work with you one-on-one on the gym floor to achieve the very best results possible. They are in contact with you 24/7 to ensure you have the best advise at the right times to support you every step of the way to your results.

1. Comprehensive Assessment by our experts

Your personalised programme is built around you and your goals. Our team will analyse
your current body composition and fat percentage, undertake a thorough movement
screening and develop a fully personalised meal plan and supplement protocol to best
achieve your goals.

2. Personalised Nutrition and Supplementation

Nutrition and supplementation are the foundation of your new, lean body. Our in-house
qualified nutritionists provide you with a simple, personalised and effective nutrition
plan that easily integrates into your busy lifestyle and doesn’t require hours
of preparation in the kitchen. For extra busy professionals, we even deliver to your door
through our partnerships with Dubai’s best meal delivery companies to suit you.

3. 1-on-1 Personal Training

Our personal trainers operate at a different level to the rest of the industry. Highly
experienced and passionate about helping you. Always by your side offering 24/7 support,
our ex-Olympic and professional British coaches are sought after by celebrities and
professional athletes for the exceptional results they deliver. They will work with you in a
motivating, dynamic and fun way to help you achieve life changing results for the long term.

4. In-House Rehab, Sports Therapy and Massage

Injuries can be major roadblocks to losing weight. Our highly skilled sports and
massage therapists keep your body in optimum condition along the way so your fat
loss continues at speed.

5. Constant, Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting

Every few weeks, we’ll re-assess your results, adjusting your training programme and
nutrition plan. By never taking our focus off your results, we constantly push them
forward, ensuring they never plateau. This regular re-assessment reveals just how far
you’ve come – backing up what you already see in the mirror.