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Director of Training,

Sports Nutritionist
& Personal Trainer


As a former professional/semi-professional footballer, Danny
has been involved in sports and fitness for almost 20 years.
His attention to detail and his passion to help his clients achieve
their goals are reflected in his consistency in producing above-average


“Danny and Bridie were simply phenomenal, tailoring and tweaking my diet as we went, offering expert advice and even overhauling my workouts entirely after I aggravated an old knee injury.”

Rob Perkins


“The 12 week Transformation program at Embody Fitness has surpassed my expectations in the best way possible.”



Passionate Personal Trainer
& Sports Nutritionist


Danny, gym manager, personal trainer and sports nutritionist

What do you love about your job?

I get to combine my two favourite things; helping and interacting with people. Being able to see the change in people’s lives through transformations to their physique, their mentality, and seeing their continual development is an amazing and unique aspect of the job of a personal trainer and is why I love what I do. There isn’t anything quite like doing something that I want to get up for every morning and finishing the day feeling fulfilled, knowing you’ve done something to positively effect someone else.

What’s your greatest motivation?

My greatest motivation stems from a deep-lying desire to become the best version of myself, day in, day out. I lead by example and practice what I preach and hopefully, this rubs off onto my clients.

Hobbies & Interests?

My favourite past time is going to the cinema, I go about once a week so it becomes a battle to stay away from the popcorn! I’m also a big music fan, I can listen to the temptations or 2pac or red hot chilli peppers! I’m also very comfortable watching a series on Netflix, I’m watching the OJ Simpson series at the moment. It’s fascinating!


Experience & Qualifications


  • – Former professional & semi-professional footballer
  • – Premier Training level 3 Personal Trainer
  • – Biosignature Modulation 1+2
  • – 1st4Sport UKCC Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting



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