Richard – lost 14kgs of body weight and 17kgs of fat in 9 months

We’re incredibly proud of Richard’s transformation. Starting out at 27% body fat he had a personal goal to get down to 9% – which he smashed in 9 months of training with Natalie and the team at Embody Fitness. He shed an impressive 17kgs of fat in the process and lost 14kgs of body weight.

A massive well done from the team at Embody – we look forward to seeing what he will achieve 
in the coming months as he continues his training with us.




“Training Richard was a pleasure. He always put 110% effort into his programme and his determination was always showing even when he had to push himself to the limits.

Strength training is tough physically and mentally and he was never afraid to go one step further each week making him stronger in the process. There were highs and lows and some setbacks along the way but he kept going and managing to control his diet once he had built a significant amount of muscle and then the body fat percentage started to drop, a little slow at first, but with consistency and not giving up he managed to achieve his goals.

As a trainer it is so enjoyable to train someone like Richard who is not afraid to push hard and I really felt like I was on the journey with him and wanted it as much as him. The sessions were always fun and each time he hit a personal best it was so rewarding and motivating for both of us.

I’m very happy that he got the result he wanted and with his newfound knowledge he’s learnt along the way he can keep it up!”